Guest Lectures from Industry Experts

Over the past few weeks, the Accounting, Finance and Law subject community have been busy with a variety of guest speakers.

Firstly, we had Christina Strang, a Graphologist, who came in to speak to our students on the Forensic Accounting module. The lecture covered how to identify forged documents but also Christine spoke about how much more can be identified from a person’s handwriting including the state of their health.

Then we had Ruth Dooley, a partner from Hazlewoods, a top 30 UK Accountancy firm. Ruth took both a lecture and seminar as part of the level 6 Tax Planning module. The main topic for the lecture was corporation tax, which looked specifically at companies purchasing own shares and disposals of corporate businesses. Ruth used her experiences very well by incorporating them into the sessions.


Finally, Stephen Harper, CEO of Attivo Financial Planning, a large independent financial planning firm in Cheltenham gave a lecture about the company and financial planning as a career. He explained how the company has grown over the past couple of years and how financial planning as a career is underappreciated when compared with accounting and law jobs. He also explained the future link between Attivo and the University, and how it will benefit both.

We’d like to thank Christina, Ruth and Stephen for taking time out of their busy schedules to come and give us such helpful lectures.

Christian Pratt

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