Charles Afriyie wins WOW Award

Congratulations to Senior Lecturer Charles Afriyie who has won a WOW award. These awards are an opportunity for students and staff to recognise and celebrate the achievements of academic and professional services staff across the university. 

This is why he won…

“Charles has helped me to learn how to learn and not to be afraid to ask when things do not make sense or does not connect. But let’s give a bit of a context to that. I am an international student and I was a bit anxious about what should I expect from the university. The whole team from accounting and finance is really helpful but Charles is the one that always was there to answer any question and never made me feel bad if I did not know something, instead he took the time to explain in other words, to be more comprehensible for me. I have seen him doing this with all of the students, and his dedication and patience transcends his basics duty and should be an example for others. Not even once have I asked a question and that question has not been answered.

“In comparison with other professors, Charles always made himself available to us when help was needed without making us feel bad for disturbing him. I truly believe his dedication and patience should be awarded because in all the years that I have spent in school is for the first time when was given to me to meet someone behaving so extraordinary with his students. 

“When I joined the university all I wanted was to finish my three years, get a degree and find a modest job. However, because of his constant dedication and patience I am more passionate about the subject that I am studying and enhance my curiosity to want to know more about accounting and finance.”

Many congratulations Charles!

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