I love traveling and studying. I get to enjoy a combination of these two activities in my program at the university of Gloucestershire, one of the world’s leading teaching institutions. Upon arrival at the institution, I had to do my enrolment which was fraught with glitches and still posing a challenge. I resumed classes and the sessions were loaded with enriching course contents. The environment is serene and neat, the buildings are magnificent, the people are nice, there is respect for one another, and students are open about their thoughts, share ideas in class and acquire fresh insights.

I thought MSc. Fintech was going to be a walk in the park, but my assumption was wrong. My first two months was tough. I struggled with some courses, like Artificial Intelligence and Foundations of Financial Technology, as they were not as easy as I imagined. I took preference for back seats, so that I can be ‘invisible’. On a lighter mood, then, if I remember my assessment on stylised facts, my heart skips a beat. I quickly had to adjust. I reminded myself that I have paid my dues. I have invested money, energy and time to be here and had to significantly work smarter to meet up with my obligations. I had to study more. With the support of my course tutor, Dr. Charles Afriyie and peers, Waheed, Isoken, Adesuwa and Darius, I was able to understand and pass the assessments. The university has developed my writing skills, academic ability and I hope to achieve great grades at the end of my programme.

I have benefitted from many school-sponsored activities like Professional Mentoring Programme coordinated by Fiona Jones. Through the mentorship programme delivered by Zheng (Zac) Yuan Puah, I have learnt the UK job world, resume writing, career development and importance of being proactive. I also enjoy the swimming sessions as it adds fun to learning.

Interestingly, on a school-sponsored trip, I got to visit a place I sang about in my childhood__London! I was filled with admiration. I took snapshots of the gigantic buildings, walked around the bank square and admired English people in their beautiful coats and suits. On the flip side, London reminds me of Lagos Nigeria (the city where I was born and raised). London has got very busy roads, heavy queue, many fast-moving people and expensive facilities. If I were to choose between London and Gloucester, I will go with the latter. I have also visited to Oxford and Birmingham, and I let myself explore the rich culture and fun-filled activities of the UK. From learning about history and different cultures at the Pitt Rivers Museum / Ashmolean Museum to visiting Frankfurt Christmas Market to ice skating to mention but a few.

Overall, the academic system is unique. It gives a perfect blend of learning and fun. It is an enriching experience learning from various tutors, peers and professionals with diverse experience. This has helped broaden my horizon of my course of study and life generally. Life as a student in the university is lovely!

Quick question:

How has your experience been in the university? Let’s hear in the comment section please.

Written by Stella Utazi

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