Students undertaking vital roles during pandemic

Students from a wide range of courses across the University of Gloucestershire are playing their part in the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

From making deliveries, to working in pharmacies, to caring for hospital patients, our students can be found making a difference in Gloucestershire and beyond.

Kim Price is a first year student studying BSc Paramedic Science, and she’s a Health Care Assistant at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on a temporary basis to help with Covid-19. “Due to placements being cancelled and lots of time on my hands I applied to help at my local hospitals,” she said. “My responsibilities include day-to-day care of Covid-19 patients and supporting nurses and doctors with any assistance they need.”

First year BSc Nursing student Kimberley Hawkins is also working in hospital. “Due to my placement being withdrawn, I’m working between the main Emergency Departmeny and the Covid-19 assessment unit at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon. I’m missing being at university but also know I’m making a difference.”

Connor Hunt-Preston is a BA Performing Arts student in his second year and is a delivery driver for Dominos. “It’s kind of weird being considered as a key worker. I don’t feel adequate to be given that title, I’m just delivering, essentially, flour egg and water in a circle. It is fulfilling though! Seeing smiles from adults as well as excited children definitely makes it worth it.”

Marketing, Branding and Advertising student Liam Froud is in the second year of his Marketing, Branding and Advertising degree. His old job was as part as the front of house team at Travelodge, and his new job is NHS Volunteering, supporting vulnerable adults whose families can’t support them while they’re locked down with their families who are key working. “My responsibilities involve ensuring that the vulnerable, high risk, people I’m working with can still manage their lives without their family who they depend on. From medication dispensing to making a cup of coffee, without my support they wouldn’t be able to stay safe while self-isolated.”

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