Ingenuity programme inviting alumni to share ideas

The university is joining forces with other institutions in the region to join a national programme looking for great ideas to help drive the recovery from Covid-19. The Ingenuity initiative aims to rebuild a better society, economy and climate. We are partnering with Bristol University and the University of the West of England (UWE) to take part in the programme, which is open to our students, staff, researchers and graduates. There are three pathways to choose from:  ​

  • Future Founders: students, alumni and researchers wanting to set up their own impact-driven start-up.  
  • Regional Pioneers: staff who want to volunteer to be part of the programme and learn more about social innovation and help the university have greater civic impact.   
  • Mentoring: senior staff (academic and professional services) who want to volunteer to mentor and support the development news ideas. We are looking for business experts and sector specialists for this role. 

The sign-up period continues until 12 November, and you can find out more on the website

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