Covid heroes report low wellbeing and high burnout

​​Frontline workers in the UK report lower wellbeing than those in Ireland according to new collaborative research by the University of Gloucestershire and University of Limerick, which identified both the Government response as well as public reaction as key stressors. ​

The project, named “CV19 Heroes” (the paper is titled “Grace Under Pressure”), shows differences between frontline workers’ experiences in the UK and Ireland. The work is has been carried out by Dr Rachel Sumner, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Gloucestershire, and Dr Elaine Kinsella, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Limerick, and was designed to make comparisons in order to help improve the wellbeing of frontline workers in both countries. 

Over 1,600 participants from the UK and Ireland signed up to the study from a wide spectrum of roles: the NHS, frontline healthcare in Ireland, nursing homes, supermarkets, emergency services, postal workers, teachers and delivery providers.

Find out more about the research findings here

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