How to work in TV rather than sitting in front of it

With alumni working on a huge variety of programmes from Dr Who to The Great British Bake Off, TV Production​ students explore and produce programmes in all of the three main production areas of broadcast and streaming platforms – fiction, documentary and multi-camera studio entertainment.

Based on the Park Campus in Cheltenham, most of the teaching staff continue to work in the TV industry and thrive on imparting their up-to-date knowledge to their students. Vanessa Bewley brings her casting and producing experience. Vito Rocco brings his TV drama and studio directing experience. Jeremy Power brings 20 years of editing experience at the BBC. Course Leader, Nick Stubbs, worked as a freelancer for over 20 years, as an Assistant Director, Producer and Director with a variety of companies including BBC and TalkBack Productions. You can find out more about TV Production here.

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