Frontline workers call for immediate action amid continuing fears over Covid-19

Workers on the frontline during the pandemic are “angry” over a lack of support and protection as they prepare to face more autumn and winter challenges from Covid-19.

Amid calls for immediate action by policymakers, many frontline employees say they’re worried about being exposed to the virus as lockdown restrictions lift across the UK and that some are working while experiencing the effects of Long Covid.

The concerns are expressed in the latest report for the CV19 Heroes Project, which is tracking the welfare of frontline workers, including health and social care staff, police and other emergency service workers, and supermarket employees.

Carried out by Dr Rachel Sumner from the University of Gloucestershire and Dr Elaine Kinsella from the University of Limerick, White noise, white heat: A call to action from the frontline’ includes recommendations to policymakers to compensate existing, and prevent future, occupational exposure to Covid-19 in the workplace.

Dr Sumner and Dr Kinsella will present their research findings to an All-Party Parliamentary Group looking at the Government’s response to Covid-19 for the second time on Tuesday. You can find out more on the university website.

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