Lockdown Led to Debut Book

Janet Winifred Jones has just published her first book, and here she tells her story in her own words:

I graduated from St Mary’s College* in 1956 – My name back then was Janet Winifred Yates. It is now Janet Winifred Jones. My pen-name is Janet Preen-Jones.

At the age of 84 I have finally published my first book. Although a writer all my life, I have never found the time to complete a project until the enforced confinement of the Covid Lock-down.

My Book is called ‘Memories of My Childhood in 1940’s Wenlock‘ and I have attached a copy of the Amazon-UK page where you can read a full description.

I chose Amazon Self-Publishing since it gave me worldwide market access, an important feature since I have made Canada my home since 1966. This route also gave me the control to complete the entire project without employing outside editors etc..

My teaching career spanned both UK and Canada with some breaks to raise our three children.

However, in 1979, I decided to move into the burgeoning Computer Technology field, first retraining in Production Planning and Inventory Control, and then, when the opportunity arose, moving into Programming and Systems Analysis.

I eventually retired as Director of Group Systems for a Life Insurance Company.

Although, opportunities were so restricted for girls in my youth, I have enjoyed every one of my career choices as each career path change has been revealed.

I would counsel today’s graduates to retain an open mind throughout their life for certainly they will face as many, possibly more diverse choices and opportunities over the course of their life, if they choose to see them.

The alternative is to become set in one’s ways so firmly that it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to connect across the generations and see the world from another traveller’s position along the timeline of human life.

*St Mary’s College was a predecessor institution of the University of Gloucestershire.