Sowing the seeds of success

Having left Portugal to further his studies, Tomas Simoes Coelho has returned to Lisbon to work for one of the country’s leading advertising agencies. The Film and Television Production graduate found that his time at the University of Gloucestershire not only enabled him to learn his trade, but gave him a range of wider skills. “When you are thrown at the professional world it can be very overwhelming, and you see and have to do things you’ve never done before. The roots I created at the University of Gloucestershire were such a big help for while I was there, but also what I doing today. The principles are given to you at uni and then you decide what to do with them after, it’s like a seed was planted in me and I have been growing it everyday since!” Tomas is a Motion Designer and Video Editor at Partners advertising agency. Their clients include the Portuguese Football Federation, BPI (Portuguese Investment Bank) and telecommunications company, MEO. And his advice to current students is to start your projects ahead of time: “The worst mistake you can do is to think “I still have time…”, you don’t, start working and creating, after all you chose the course, this is what you are here for, do it!” We’d love to hear your story, so please get in touch at and help inspire our future graduates.