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Last academic year saw the launch of Issue 1 of Being Human (PDF available here). To quote the editor Josephine Bradford:

“During one of the intellectual discussion in our Scholarly Research Project seminars here at the University of Gloucestershire we were discussing how amazing it would be to create an academic journal for students, professors and the public alike. We wanted to produce a journal that we had completely designed ourselves as students. Being Human sprung from us wanting to connect with everyone, no matter their level of education, and therefore this is a compilation of the second year of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics’ work. This journal features a wide range of interesting work ranging from writings on women in religion to flying monks. We hope that you enjoy our hard work and any comments would be appreciated greatly on:

This year we have a new group of students, including an enthusiastic editorial team, working on Issue 2 of the journal. The students, all of whom are doing the RPE (Religion, Philosophy and Ethics) Course, are currently researching their articles with the intention of having some published in the journal and, also, presenting their work to others in a series of Research Panels. Some of the articles, reviews etc., will be posted on the RPE blog (


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