Lower High Street Project

From Professor Melanie Ilic. The History staff team is pleased to announce that it has been successful in securing two internal grants to undertake research focusing on the history of Cheltenham’s Lower High Street, near FCH campus. University-wide LIFT (Learning Innovation for Tomorrow) money will be used to support Level 5 group project work, and funds from the Being Human Research Priority Area will be used to run a parallel series of staff and postgraduate projects.

History’s new Lower High Street (LHS) project explores what it means to ‘Be Human’ through the provision of primary documents-based historical, social and cultural analyses of the Cheltenham Lower High Street commercial and residential communities, its buildings and landscapes, and by offering digital capture of the memories of local residents and traders alongside a photo archive. It explores the construction of multiple and sometimes conflicting identities through the examination of historical and contemporary everyday aspects of the lives of LHS traders and residents; and, through oral interviews and online surveys, the subjective responses of the local communities to the changes they have experienced and that are being proposed in the LHS area. It will also examine the ways in which local town planning endeavours have been received and responded to by residents and traders in the LHS area, and the impact that town planning has had on the historical makeup of the local built environment. The project also examines the construction, maintenance and persistence of a sense of distinction and ‘difference’ amongst local residents and traders in the LHS.

To discover more about the project please see https://uniofglos.blog/history/2016/12/12/the-lower-high-street-projects/


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