Month: June 2018

Outputs so far from the Being Human project on resilience, grit, and self-efficacy narratives in Higher Education

Outputs You can see some of the blogging we did, as we began to work out the ideas in this project, and our ongoing work, here. At the University of Gloucestershire’s Inaugural Festival of Learning, in June 2017, Ros and Dave […]

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How Hidden Narratives Challenge Authority (2)

Institutions, Identity and the Individual Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s conference by attending, presenting your research and joining in the discussions.  We hope that you all enjoyed the day as much as we did. This […]

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How Hidden Narratives Challenge Authority (2)

This is the second one-day liberal and performing arts mini conference organised by postgraduate research students at the University of Gloucestershire in association with the Being Human Research Centre. It is part of an initiative to improve the […]

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