Outputs so far from the Being Human project on resilience, grit, and self-efficacy narratives in Higher Education


You can see some of the blogging we did, as we began to work out the ideas in this project, and our ongoing work, here.

At the University of Gloucestershire’s Inaugural Festival of Learning, in June 2017, Ros and Dave presented a paper entitled: My course is intellectually stimulating and has challenged me to do my best work, with a critical focus on ideas of ‘academic challenge’ and work they had been blogging about.

In July, 2017, Dave & Nikki presented a paper at an event at the University of Gloucestershire. The event was on Hidden Narratives and Authority, and our paper was titled Hidden Narratives, Resilience & Vulnerability

In September 2017, Dave & Nikki presented a paper at the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics, and Ethics (CAPPE), at the University of Brighton, at their event: Empire, Capital & Transnational Resistance. The paper was called:  Vulnerability as a Revolutionary Act: Resistance against neoliberal discourses of resilience. The paper is now, after further work, under consideration for publication by a journal.

October 2017 saw Dave and Nikki interviewed by Bonni Stachowiak, from Teaching in Higher Ed, for their podcast series. They talked about our work on resilience, notions of grit, student welfare and mental health, and a host of related topics. Click HERE to go the podcast, or click the image below.


November, 2017, saw Ros and Dave speak at the 10th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation event, presenting on What is Academic Challenge? Vulnerability, Resilience, Grit, Stretch, Toughness and conceptualising the student experience.

On March 21st 2018 Ros and Dave presented Grit, Resilience and Self-Efficacy in Higher Educationat the The Impact of Teaching Excellence – ANTF and HEA Excellence Awards Symposium event in Manchester, for National Teaching Fellows.

On March 22nd 2018, Dr Nikki Rivers and Dr Dave Webster presented at the Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching: Pedagogy and Practice event at Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence. The session was entitled “I didn’t come to university to study this…”, and while focussed on interdisciplinary study, overlaps with the themes of collaborative work, and modelling particular versions of intellectual inquiry and virtues.

On the 4th May, Dr Nikki Rivers and Dr Dave Webster presented and facilitated at the Between the discourse of ‘resilience’ and death by committee – Reclaiming collective spaces for academic resistance event in Newcastle.

See more at: https://coauthoringresistance.wordpress.com/2017/11/29/between-the-discourse-of-resilience-and-death-by-committee-reclaiming-collective-spaces-for-academic-resistance/ 

On the 13th May, we held our Between Resilience & Vulnerability: Experiences of the Neoliberal Academy, 2018 Conference.

June 14th 2018, we ran a workshop at the LIFT Lab, at the University of Gloucestershire entitled Staff, Students, Resilience and Sustainability.



Monday 18th June will see Dr Rivers and Dr Webster, with colleagues Dr Ewan Mackenzie and Dr Audrey Verma from Newcastle, present as a group at the Sociological Review ECR day, at the Baltic, in Gateshead. The session is entitled: Critiquing the narratives, practices and performance of resilience in Higher Education. 

At EduLearn18, in Palma on July 2nd, Dave and Ros will be running an extended, invited workshop on Why ‘grit’ is not great: Challenging students to achieve their best: Why ‘resilience’ is not the answer, and what we can do instead.

On the 4th September (Manchester) and the 6th September (London) Dr Webster and Dr Rivers will be delivering the invited keynote lecture at The 5th Annual University of  Law Learning and Teaching Conference. The event is themed around the notion of Resilience, and draws on their work around generational stereotypes.

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