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The Being Human Research Centre is pleased to welcome Dr Amanda Williamson as a new member of the centre.

Dr. Amanda Williamson completed her PhD in spirituality in the professional field of Somatic Movement Dance Education and Therapy. Her research is inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary in approach, spanning cultural studies, somatic movement dance therapy, spiritual feminism, phenomenology and new materialism. She is particularly interested in humanistic medicine and has a passion for the relationship between art, health, somatics, dance and spirituality. More recently she has been working with researchers in African diasporic and indigenous pacific research, ethnographic somatic studies, and indigenous somatic knowledges. She is an internationally registered ‘Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist’ and considered one of the historical pioneers leading this profession globally; she is prolifically documented in dance history books and academic articles as a leader in this therapeutic and artistic field. Her research is of international impact and research. Amanda is a Visiting Honorary Professor at ‘The Centre for Dance Research (C-dare)’, Coventry University; and she currently directs ‘The Centre for Bio-Somatic Dance Movement Therapy’ (movingsoma) in Cheltenham. Here she directs a two-year professional graduate training programme in ‘Bio-Somatic Dance Movement Naturotherapy’ & ‘Holistic Somatic Movement Dance Therapy’, in association with ‘The International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association’ (ISMETA New York). She is editor of the anthology, “Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities: Contemporary Sacred Narratives” and the international research journal, “Dance, Movement and Spiritualities” (with Intellect Publishers UK/USA). Her recent book is: “Spiritual Herstories: Call of the Soul in Dance Research”.  Amanda has been a senior university lecturer in dance, somatics and movement studies for 22 years and course leader for BA (Hons) Dance and MA Dance & Somatic Well-being programmes in the UK and in New York (UCLan).  She founded MA Dance & Somatic Well-being: Connections to the Living body, in the UK and New York, in partnership with ISMETA (the first MA programme in Somatics and Dance world-wide).  Amanda enjoys co-authoring research with colleagues world-wide and is committed to multiple voice research.  Website: WWW.MOVINGSOMA.CO.UK

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