Crossing countries: Exchange students’ views of Biosciences


Every year, Biosciences hosts exchange students from other institutions, either from America as part of the BCA programme or from Europe through Erasmus. These students often take just one or two science modules as part of a much broader curriculum.

Despite the challenges of learning complex scientific topics (often in a non-native language!), exchange students really value their experiences. They also bring some really interesting and insightful new perspectives to the classroom, especially when discussing contemporary issues or perspectives in conservation, for example, and often keep in touch with other students and staff even after they return to their home institution. Below are a few thoughts from recent exchange students:

“Thank you for your help during my time in Gloucestershire. I enjoyed it immensely. The module was really interesting and completely different to anything I have done before and the field trips were great. It was fascinating learning about new species – they might be common in England but they were all new to me!” [Nicole Podjed, BCA exchange student, 2011]

“I would like to thank for all your lectures and help, it was something new for me, and I’ve learned a lot. Exchange [with] your University gave me an important experience and a lot of fun!” [Erasmus exchange student, 2013]

“Thank you for a wonderful semester in class. While science isn’t really “my thing” I learned a lot from the module and your passion for the subject certainly made it more enjoyable and interesting – it was a pleasure being your student!” [Ben Bovenzi, BCA exchange student, 2013]

There is also potential for University of Gloucestershire students to go on exchange placements; we have had students in the past go on very successful exchange trips to both Spain and the USA.

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