Bioscience student Chris Wood gives public lecture

Chris in full flow...!

Chris in full flow…!

On Wednesday 26th Feb, final year undergraduate Biosciences student Chris Wood gave a public lecture to a large audience at St Mary Redcliffe church in Bristol as part of the British Science Assocation’s lecture series. Entitled “The Roots of all Evil: the Darker Side of the Plant Kingdom”, the lecture was a personal take on the seven deadly sins of the plant world…the ruthless tricks, the cunning strategies and manipulative methods seven very different plants use to get their way.
The lecture was a tremendous success with one of the highest audience ratings of any lecture in the series. As Professor Adam Hart says “Chris did an excellent job with a fascinating lecture. His lead should inspire other students wanting to try their hand at Science Communication.”


Caroline Mills says:

Glad it went so well, Chris. It’s great to see final year students demonstrating such fine skills in science communication. Well done!

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