Adam and the ‘Ants’

Adam with a relatively unstudied species of 'Ant'...!

Adam with a relatively unstudied species of ‘Ant’…!

Ant documentary “Planet Ant” was up for a Royal Television Award on March 18th and as a co-presenter Adam went along to the Award Ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on March 18th. The programme was up against the mighty BBC series Africa in the Science and Natural History so be to be honest “Team Ant” wasn’t especially hopeful of victory, but you never know…and win or lose there was bound to be plenty of free wine!

Here are the team gathered in the Lounge of the hotel. Charlie Brooker was sat just behind but no amount of weird angling could get him in shot sadly. The photo below shows (L to R) Jacqui Smith (Series Producer), Marcus Herbert (Executive Producer), George McGavin and Adam (Presenters) and Graham Russell (Director).

The Planet Ant team

The Planet Ant team

After what seemed like a very long dinner the awards finally got underway. Hosted by comedian Tim Vine there was a long list of winners, but sadly Planet Ant wasn’t one of them – losing out to Africa, which, it must be said, looked amazing on the big screen in the Grosvenor’s Great Hall. It was a great night though and Adam couldn’t resist grabbing a cheeky Planet “Ant” photo.

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