Class of 2014 – Degree grades & prize winners

The vast majority of 3rd year students have recently received their degree grade classifications. The Biosciences team would like to offer huge congratulations to all these students on their achievements after three years’ hard work; well done to all. There have been a great number of stand-out performances in both Animal Biology and Biology this year – the 2014 cohort has been very strong overall, and a pleasure to have around for the last three years.
Following release of degree grades, we are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Biosciences Top Student Prizes:
BSc Animal Biology: Mel Evans
BSc Biology: Shantelle Dandy
The awards are made to the top graduate in each course, jointly supported by The Society of Biology and the University of Gloucestershire. Winners get a certificate, free membership of The Society of Biology and a book token – they will be awarded officially at the graduation ceremony in the autumn. Huge congratulations to both award winners – receiving these awards is an excellent achievement, and is testament to work they have put into their studies over the past three years.
Mel produced the best dissertation that anyone in the Biosciences team has ever seen (90%!), setting up her own project in Hawaii on coral breakage in relation to recreational disturbance. She got a 1st in every single module throughout her three year degree – a remarkable achievement. She also participated in the Malta science festival, worked on a UoG research bursary on pollen on Skomer Island with Julia Webb and Matt Wood, and received an Employability Award.
Mel Evans, B.Sc. (Hons) Animal Biology
Mel Evans, B.Sc. (Hons) Animal Biology
Shantelle’s third year work was all first class, with the “lowest” mark being 76% – an incredible achievement. Her dissertation was on molecular genetics with Sally Rogers, and she has been working with Anne Goodenough and Bethan Stallwood on a research paper on pied flycatcher microbes and, more recently, a research project with Adam Hart, Rik Rolfe and Anne Goodenough on anti-poaching methods at Mankwe Game Reserve in South Africa.

Shantelle examining a blood agar culture plate

On behalf of the whole Biosciences team, well done to everyone, and keep in touch!
Anne Goodenough, Course Leader

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