Lucy on life at UoG and winning the OUP ‘Achievement in Biosciences’ prize

I cannot believe that my three years studying BSc Biology at UoG are over! My time here has been exhilarating, full of ups and downs but with the help of the lecturers, staff and fellow students I feel I have developed beyond belief, both as a scientist and potential employee. Looking back to the very first time I visited the University in March 2013, it would have been hard to imagine myself standing where I am now. The prospect of coming to University, living away from home and studying at a much higher academic level was daunting, but at every step there has been so much support and guidance from moving into halls, to handing in that first assignment to the relief of handing in my dissertation just a few short months ago.

Choosing Biology as a subject to study was always something I had hoped to do. There is such a broad range of topics to study which gives you a much deeper understanding of the environment and ecology around you and the necessity for management from a microscopic to global scale. With second year came the option to start to choose the direction that you individually wanted to take your studies with a range of modules to choose from. By far my favourite module and something that I will consider not only a highlight of my university experience, but also a life changing experience was the field course to South Africa. Gaining the perspective of game management and all the challenges that reserve managers face with poaching from such experts has changed my views on conservation and management forever, and is a great talking point in interviews!

Other modules that I have found particularly enjoyable and beneficial from a skills development view have included second year Ecological Impact Assessment and management, GIS, equine biology and third year advanced scientific skills, microbial biotechnology and of course completing a dissertation. Through my university time I feel I have developed a range of transferable skills and those assignments which focus on industry skills particularly will highlight you from the rest of the crowd at interviews. I feel that I can now confidently conduct a broad range of research and scientific investigation, write reports to a professional standard as well as deliver presentations to a range of audiences, something I never thought that I would ever be able to do! The skills learnt on my degree course also gave me the confidence and knowledge needed to run the UoG first aid society as president for two years and volunteer for St John Ambulance throughout my university time. These skills have helped me to obtain my dream of securing a position to develop a deeper understanding of medicine with a job working for London Ambulance Service. I hope to spend a few years training with them and then potentially go on to further study to do a Masters in Biology and Medicine.

I recently found out that I was nominated for the Oxford University Press ‘Achievement in Biosciences’ prize as well as finding out I successfully graduated with a first class degree. This really feels like the pinnacle of my time at university and makes me so grateful for all support and guidance that I have received from all the staff and students that has enabled me to achieve so much.  Thank you to everyone who has given their time and knowledge to help me through the three most challenging but most rewarding years of my life!
Lucy Murrell, BSc (Hons) Biology 2016

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