Introducing Dan Stones – our new Senior Lecturer in Biosciences

Ever since watching the 80’s ┬ákids TV show “Once upon a time…. Life”, I have been fascinated with how the human body works and in particular how our immune system fights disease.

After completing my BSc in Medical Microbiology at the University of Leeds, I worked as a research technician in a laboratory looking at cancer treatments that try to harness the immune system to target and kill tumour cells. Following the completion of an MSc in Cancer Immunotherapy from the University of Nottingham, I undertook a PhD at the University of Birmingham. During my PhD I studied how protein phosphorylation events in cells, many of which are important for protein function and can be highly altered in cancer cells, may be presented and recognised by the immune system. The work highlighted how these phosphorylated protein fragments may be promising targets for cancer immunotherapy approaches.

After completing my PhD I have undertaken several postdoctoral research positions such as; how dietary iron and iron chelation therapy can affect colorectal cancer growth and more recently, positions studying host-microbe interactions of Gram-negative pathogens.

My current research, which I will be bringing to the University of Gloucestershire, is centred on gut health. I am currently investigating how dietary iron affects the interaction between a group of immune cells called neutrophils and colorectal cancer cells. I also maintain several collaborations looking at phosphopeptide antigen presentation and targeting for cancer therapy and also host-pathogen interaction of gut bacteria. As model systems I use a range of in vitro techniques but I also use several zebrafish lines to study neutrophil-tumour interactions and host-pathogen interactions in vivo. I look forward to bringing this research to Gloucestershire and I am keen to get students involved in this research!

I am delighted to be joining the School of Natural and Social Sciences as Senior Lecturer in Biosciences. I hope that I can bring my experience of a wide range of Bioscience research areas and impart this to my teaching and mentorship. I look forward to meeting you all!
Dr Dan Stone, Senior Lecturer in Biosciences

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