Meet Tolga Aktas, Guest Editor of our blog series ‘Meet Your Lecturer’

Hello, my fellow UGlosBioscience students, and anyone else out there! For those who do not already know me, my name is Tolga Aktas and I am a current second-year Animal Biology student. I am an aspiring wildlife biologist, explorer and wildlife photojournalist and hope to achieve these career goals after my time with the University of Gloucestershire.

After recently entering my personal blog into two wildlife blogging competitions which included: Terra Incognita’s Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018 and becoming a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2019 – I randomly came up with a blogging idea for the university.

Curious what the idea is?

A random thought came into my head one day about how much I enjoy the course modules at the university, but interestingly enough it was the lecturers behind those lectures that got me thinking the most. I thought to myself that us students hardly know anything about them other than their short introductions on the university webpage. I wanted to know what inspired them to do what they do for a living and what gives them the drive to keep going? After pondering on for a while and thinking what I should blog about, I decided to create a blog post series called ‘Meet your Lecturer’ where I interview the lecturers at our School of Natural & Social Sciences.

Tolga Aktas – Picture by Clint Randall

Join me as I take over The UGlos Bioscience Blog as a guest editor and help you connect much better to our lecturers. I hope by doing this that we all obtain some inspiration and get some tips from the professionals towards our own career journeys. First post is out tomorrow (Friday 8 Feb), starting with Dr Matt Wood.
Tolga Aktas
Second-year BSc Animal Biology student
Twitter: @tolgaaktas_
Instagram: @_tolgaaktas_
Facebook: taktaswild

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