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Students from all levels on Biology and Animal Biology have been joining together as part of the Prickly Finders Society. A SU Society interested in all things hedgehoggy. This term they are keen to raise awareness of sick and injured hogs and what to do if a hedgehog is found wandering during daylight hours. They’ve been posting information around campus and talking with our Estates and Grounds teams.

The Prickly Finders Society recommend carefully picking up daytime wandering hogs and placing them in an adequately ventilated box with high sides. The box should have a towel in the bottom covering a warmed hot-water bottle (not too hot!) and be placed somewhere quiet. It’s likely that hogs out during the day in winter are poorly and are need to be transferred to a wildlife rescue centre. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society provides more information on what to do, and who to contact.

Here at FCH we have an active badger sett, so the Prickly Finders have been setting hedgehog tunnels to be able to assess our current population and also building hogitats to provide safe overwintering areas for any residents. Results show that we don’t currently have active hogs passing through, but working with the grounds team in generating a more Hedgehog Friendly Campus, we are hoping to host some hedgehogs soon. In fact, the Prickly Finders are working hard to achieve Bronze recognition for their efforts from the Hedgehog Preservation Society! Stay tuned for updates!

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