Past Environments

Understanding the past is key to understanding the future. This theme incorporates research that reconstructs past climates, sea-level change, vegetation dynamics and environmental characteristics.

Examples of recent research undertaken by the team:

  • Reconstructing relative sea-level change since the Last Glacial Maximum in Scotland (collaborating with Durham University and University of California Santa Barbara)
  • Skokholm Island vegetation history: investigating the changing vegetation on the island from Mesolithic to present
  • Evaluation of pollen profiles to demonstrate that woodland can be interrupted for long periods, but woodland understory vegetation used to indicate current ancient woodland remain – bringing into question the use of ancient woodland as an indicator of past environments
  • Relative sea-level change during the late Holocene in the Humber Estuary
  • Examination of lake sediments in ice-marginal locations in Greenland to reconstruct Holocene climate and environmental change