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Dr. Louise Best

I am a physical geographer interested in reconstructing environmental change, with particular expertise in coasts and sea-level change.

Prof. Frank Chambers

I teach and research in climate change and in palaeoecology, using the reconstruction of past environments to ascertain the degree of human impact upon vegetation and climate.

Dr. Lucy Clarke

I have always had a fascination with understanding how the world works, and in particular investigating the watery world (both flowing and frozen) using image analysis and GIS (Geographical Information Systems).

Dr. Liz Hamilton

As an environmental scientist, I’m interested in practical solutions to environmental problems such as deforestation and climate change.

Dr Rob Jarman

I recently completed a PhD by publications concerning the origins of the sweet chestnut tree in Britain, based on palaeoenvironmental, archival, historic and genetic evidence.

Paul Kimber

Technical Services Manager. My research interests are founded in the chemistry of fluvial environments. I am currently involved in the support of research projects within the fields of geomorphology, water quality and soil nutrient run-off.

Kamilla Skaalsveen

I am doing an interdisciplinary PhD that aims to compare the effect of no-till and conventional farming practices on soil and water quality.

Prof. Phillip Toms

I specialise in Quaternary science, studying environments of the past 2.58 million years to help predict our future climate and to understand the emergence of modern humans.

Julia Webb

As a practical ecologist I’m passionate about teaching and nurturing field and laboratory skills. I enjoy finding ways to incorporate practical work into almost all of my teaching sessions.

Jamie Wood

I am the Luminescence Dating research assistant and am completing a PhD researching the palaeoflood chronology of blocked-valley lakes in eastern South Africa.