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A few things to pick out from our full programme this week… After our great conversation about Climate Change last week at Cake and Chat, on Monday at 5pm at FCH Chapel we’ll be eating cupcakes and thinking about the plusses and minuses of modern life, and the world we would like to live in, with the help of this inspiring vision from Mike Berners-Lee’s book ‘There is no Planet B’:

The air is fresher. Life is healthier, longer, more relaxed, more fun and more exciting. Our diets are varied, tasty and healthy. More of us get out as much as we want to, both socially and physically. Travel is easier — but we spend less time in transit. We feel freer to live life in whatever way seems meaningful to each of us at the time, in negotiation with other people’s equal right to do likewise. There is less violence at every level. Cities are vibrant whilst the countryside teems with wildlife. Our jobs are more interesting, and the pressures are more often self-imposed. We expect, insist on and get higher standards of trust and truth, in politics, in the media and in fact everywhere. We are better connected to the people around us and to our sense of the global community. We give more of our time and attention to others and we notice and enjoy more of what is going on around us. We might compete with each other for fun but where it really matters we collaborate better than ever before.

At Big Questions Cafe in the Park Faith Space at 1pm on Wednesday we’ll be marking Hate Crime Awareness Week with visitors from Victim Support.

Then, thinking about how we can listen to each other more positively, we have our first Holy Book Club of the term on Weds at 5pm at FCH Chapel – looking together at the Qur’an, the Jewish scriptures and the New Testament from the Christian Bible – all welcome.

Crafty Fridays at the Park Faith Space on Friday afternoon from 2pm will include baking some vegan banana bread – and no doubt eating it…

Have a look at programme tab to see our regular activities – see you then.

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