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From our Muslim chaplain

So what is it like this Ramadan in the trials of Covid-19

While your family and friends are locked behind a glass screen

Computer screens and mobile phones, On devices with Zoom and Skype it seems

Mosques are closed, and churches too, and synagogues are bolted through

Can’t go out and meet my friends, and only go running in packs of two

Home is where the heart is, isn’t that what they always said?

But now I am at work as soon as I roll myself out of bed

Home is much more than just a home, it is now also school

Everyone all in the same space is creating chaos and misrule

And then after Easter came Ramadan and fasting came after Lent

With its very own challenges for the Muslim ladies and gents

A time we usually spend with families that are spread far and away

Now alone or in small groups, with just enough food for a few days

But lets not focus on the difficulties and the negatives during this time

Coz if we look closely we can see there is something very sublime

Are we truly alone when Allah tells us that Indeed he is very near

When His servant asks about where He is, and when they supplicate in fear

Perhaps this may be a chance for us to focus on what we intended

Our relationship perhaps with God could do with being mended

When practices in the past have been a little robotic for us perhaps

Now we can thoughtfully worship alone with time for mindful gaps

Now we can make time to read the scripture and reflect upon its meaning

Now we can discuss our thoughts with each other the next time we are screening

I suppose now I should give thanks for this time to reflect upon my life

On how I lived life with reason and purpose being only on the edge of a knife

But I am still exhausted from all the screens with my eyes too tired to look

So I’ve decided to spend more time with my head inside a really good book

Let’s talk, let’s talk, come on let’s talk about the great things you’ve read

And maybe it’s a chance for us to say some of those things we’ve left unsaid?

So what is it like this Ramadan in the trials of Covid-19

Well all my family and friends are locked behind a glass screen!

Atique Miah

Muslim Chaplain

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