Call for papers

CIRCLE 2019 focuses on Digital Intelligence research  concerning consumers, organizations and the environments in which they live and operate.

We invite empirical, conceptual and theoretical papers, including, but not limited to, the topics and sub-topics below.

For further guidance, please contact: and our organizing committee will be happy to advise on your topic.

Accounting, Finance and Reporting

This track concerns issues related to management and financial accounting; corporate finance and the reporting of financial transaction to a variety of stakeholders. Track Chair: Professor Razaq Raj UoG Subject Specialists: Charles Afriyie; Dr .Doaa Aly; Kirsty Blount; Archan Mehta; Zoe New; Professor Bob Ryan; Sri Tellapragada; Chris Wiltshire. Example Topics:  Financial Crises & Risk for corporate firms The Concept Accountability, Narrative Reporting and Legitimation Accounting for Accountability and Management Corporate Financial Challenges facing customers…

Business Systems

This track considers the methodical and technological procedure or process used as a delivery mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers. Track Chair: Dr. Martin Wynn UoG Subject Specialists: Dr. Abu Alam; Sam Copland; Dr. Ahsan Ikram, David Liewe. Example topics:  Digital Marketing, Social Media and e-CRM  (customer relationship marketing) E-procurement  Cloud Computing – operational issues and implications  Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics Artificial Intelligence (AI). Internet and Mobile Phase 2 (collaborative consumption/sharing economy/on demand…

Commercial and Consumer Law

This track explores topics surrounding business and consumers within a legal context. Track Chair: Saba Yousif Example topics:  Company, commercial and contract law Human rights in business Sales legislation in consumption Digital identity theft Global policy Submit here

Consumers, Culture and Identity

This track welcomes papers on the latest thinking in consumer research and in particular issues concerning the world of digital natives. Track Chair: Dr. Richard Warr UoG Subject Specialists: Magdelena Gonzalez-Triay; Rachel Vieira; Sam Copland. Example Topics: Consumer decision-making Digitalisation of consumption (e.g. social media) Consumer culture Self and social identity Global consumers Submit here

Cyber Security and Information Technology

This track concerns the identification of security breaches and the implementation of solutions using the latest industry tools and techniques. Track Chair: Professor Kamal Bechkoum UoG Subject Specialists: Dr. Qubiai Ali Mirza; Dr. Hassan Chizari; Lee Campbell; Zayd Dawood; David Johnston; Julie Paterson; Stuart Richards; Paula Thomas; Dr. Thomas Win; Professor Shujun Zhang. Example topics:  Phishing and scam in the internet Social networks and digital security Bots and cyber security Cyber crime Digital piracy and security…

Economic Issues and Globalization

This track considers issues of major significance to world trade and prosperity, as well as matters of international trade and social exchange. Track Chair: Dr. Xiaoling Hu UoG Subject Specialists: Ryan Curtis; Jim Keane; Dr. Colin Simpson; Dr. Jun Zhang. Example topics: World trade and prosperity Globalization versus localisation debate International trade Social exchange Importing and exporting factors (e.g. brexit issues) Globalization and culture integration Submit here

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This track concerns issues related to entrepreneurial start-up and the role of innovation within successful business ventures. Track Chair: Dr. Robin Bown. UoG Subject Specialists: Dee Allen; Paul Matthews; Vassil Rachkov. Submit here


This track concerns issues surrounding the global fashion market; including but not limited to retailing, marketing, buying and merchandising topics. Track Chair: Rachel Vieira UoG Subject Specialists: Sam Copland; Professor Neil Towers. Example topics: Circular economy in garment production The sharing economy Fashion customer journey Retailing formats (e.g. omni-channel) Garment fit in purchase decision-making Submit here

Guest Track: International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management

The International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management (IJRDM) focuses on issues of strategic significance in retailing and distribution worldwide and provides a forum for researchers in academia, business, consultancy and management. Professor Neil Towers will be hosting a special issue track for the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management. The competitive retail sector is under pressure to provide efficient services to hold its share of the market. As consumers demand higher levels of…

Health Economics

This track considers the performance, productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare and health services, Track Chair: Professor Tomasz Wisniewski UoG Subject Specialists: Dr Xiaoling Hu Example topics: Health policy analysis Healthcare system effectiveness and efficiency Management of Health care providers Financing and efficiency of heath care providers Health technology assessment and impact on health care Evidence-based health care issues Submit here

Industry 4.0

This track concerns current trends in automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and businesses. Track Chair: Professor Antonio Feraco UoG Subject Specialists: Ryan Curtis; Jim Keane; Dr. Colin Simpson; Dr. Jun Zhang. Example topics:  The convergence of digital and physical manufacturing practice Smart products and devices Cyber-physical systems (CPS) and dynamic data processes Additive manufacturing New business models Submit here

Leadership, Governance and HRM

This track welcomes research on issues concerned with the managing people and developing their potential both for themselves and the organization. Track Chair: Dr. Tamer Darwish UoG Subject Specialists: Penny Adshead; Jocelyne Fleming; John Hepworth; Celia Lawson-Pegg; Lloyd Parsons; Dr. Sue Williams; Dr. Dougie Yourston. Example Topics:  International and Comparative HRM. Strategic HRM. Organsational Performance. Corporate Governance. Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning. Transformational and Transactional Leadership. Submit here

Marketing and Branding

This track examines the issues of exchange, creating value and the symbolic mechanisms that surround this. Track Chair: Professor Hans Rudiger Kaufmann UoG Subject Specialists: Matt Barr; Dr. Andrew Bradley; Sam Copland; Rayelle Pentland-Smith; Dr. Lily Wang; Dr. Richard Warr. Example topics: Consumer Behavior/Consumerism Strategic Marketing International Marketing Consumer Brand Relationships/Brand Love/Brand Hate Customer Relationship Marketing Marketing Mix Tactics Submit here

Productivity and Performance in SMEs

The track examines the means of creating outcomes in SMEs and the relative effectiveness and success of these activities and the organization itself. Track Chair: Professor Malcolm Prowle UoG Subject Specialists: Dr. Robin Bown; Professor Michael Fass. Example topics:  Infrastructure Technology Innovation People Leadership Submit here

Strategic Management

This track considers issues around organizational goals and the processes and mechanisms in developing and delivering these. Track Chair: Dr. Gianpaolo Vignali UoG Subject Specialists: Dr. Keith Donne; Jason Evans; Martine Garland; Robert Whitehouse. Example topics:  Supply Chain Management and Logistics Sustainability and Social Responsibilities Microfoundations of Strategy Innovations Organisation Management and Structure Submit here

Sustainability and Ethics

This track examines the principles, standards, rules, norms of conduct that make cooperation, justice, and freedom possible. It also considers the role of sustainability, in its broadest interpretation, and its role in business and organizations. Track Chair: David Dawson UoG Subject Specialists: Rachel Vieira; Dr. Richard Harper; Dr. Maria Galindo. Example topics: Businesses role in challenging poverty Development and selling of sustainable products Ethics of marketing and advertising Ethics of accounting and governance Research methods…

Technology in New Product Development

This track considers the role of new or existing technologies within product development through out global product or service supply chains. Track Chair: Magdalena Gonzalez-Triay UoG Subject Specialists: Rachel Vieira; Sam Copland; Matt Barr. Example topics:  Virtual and augmented reality prototyping Three-dimensional printing/3D body scanning in product development Smart products (e.g. garments, applications) Digitisation of supply chain functions Digital application in made to measure product personalisation Submit here

Tourism, Hospitality and Events

This track concerns a breadth of topics surrounding tourism, hospitality and events industries. Track Chair: Dr. Alan Marvell UoG Subject Specialists: Dr. Andrew Bradley; Clair Greenaway; John Humphreys; John Lannon; Dr. Hong Shi; Nadine Sulkowski. Example Topics:  Placemaking through events The problems of overtourism Festivalisation and over supply Local food and authenticity Digital technology and attendee experience Submit here