Month: November 2015

CRACKLE Christmas Symposium 16th Dec

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Human Resilience Symposium 2015

Dr Kerry Rees and Dr Claire Cooke were invited to present a talk in a symposium at Bristol University, which explored the concept and psychology of human resilience. Their talk entitled “Resilience, self-regulation and goal pursuit: What is resilience for?” explored the […]

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CRACKLE team extend research project with fire service partners in Belgium and the Netherlands

Dr. Graham Edgar and  Prof. Di Catherwood from CRACKLE and Geoff Sallis (Gloucestershire FRS) have recently returned from another successful visit to two more European partners in their Erasmus Plus FireMind project aimed at developing an online portal to […]

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CRACKLE Staff meet with ERASMUS PLUS Project Partners in Warsaw and Copenhagen

Graham Edgar, Geoff Sallis and Di Catherwood have begun working with partners from Poland and Denmark on their recently-awarded Erasmus Plus grant. They will also travel soon to meet with other partners in the Netherlands and Belgium. The […]

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CRACKLE staff present at “From Crisis to Sustainable Well-being” Conference in Paris

Dr. Graham Edgar and Prof. Di Catherwood each presented papers last week at the International Applied Psychology Conference “From Crisis to Sustainable Well-being” in Paris. Graham presented a paper detailing the latest results from the project on decision-making […]

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Prof Di Catherwood presents keynote address at The Partnership Conference on Children’s Developmental Needs

Professor Di Catherwood presented a keynote address at Institute of Education’s Partnership Conference at the Park campus on Saturday 7th June on children’s diverse developmental needs. Organized by Dr. Barbara Brown (Institute of Education and Public Services), the conference […]

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CRACKLE research team wins Literati Network Award for Excellence

The CRACKLE (Centre for Research in Applied Cognition, Knowledge, Learning and Emotion) research team of Geoff Sallis (Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service and PhD candidate) and Di Catherwood, Graham Edgar, Andrew Medley and David […]

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Ground-breaking Research Findings Presented at Neuroscience Conference

CRACKLE Doctoral student, Steven Baker, presents ground-breaking research finding at British Cognitive Neuroscience Conference in Nottingham Steven Baker, a doctoral student and laboratory coordinator with the Centre for Research in Applied Cognition, Knowledge, Learning and Emotion (CRACKLE, Natural and […]

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CHELTENHAM SCIENCE FESTIVAL Review: The Referee’s Decision Isn’t Final

Weds 4th June, Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham CRACKLE’s own Professor Di Catherwood and Dr Graham Edgar (Chair) took part in a discussion panel at this year’s Cheltenham Science Festival talking about split-second decision-making under high levels of pressure, […]

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Welcome to CRACKLE

What does CRACKLE do? CRACKLE staff and graduate research students conduct research in “applied” or real-world aspects of cognition, learning and emotion with implications for psychological well-being and CRACKLE is part of the University Research Priority Area of […]

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