CRACKLE’s FireFront Project has a new website

The FireFront project, led by CRACKLE, won funding
under the Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training scheme and operates through a collaborative partnership between EU Fire service personnel and education staff. The project is founded on research begun by the UK partners and the FireMind project developed across a wide variety of EU Fire training contexts.

The project is aimed at improving the training of firefighters, particularly with regard to their understanding and awareness of the fireground, an understanding that is safety-critical. It uses an innovative testing methodology to assess firefighter situation awareness and understanding across a range of technology-based training platforms, and aims to give valuable insight into how firefighters develop situation awareness and understanding, whilst looking at the effect of different training technologies on that understanding.

Although the project will be focused on firefighters, the techniques and insights from the project will have an impact in any domain where situation awareness and understanding is important – which is arguably any domain in which humans are involved in making decisions. The longer-term benefit of the project will be to allow trainers to improve firefighters’ (and others’) performance on the fireground, and to appreciate the relative benefits of using different training technologies to do so.

For more information please refer to the project’s website here.

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