Challenge Yourself

This page hosts a range of interactive challenges that will give you a taste of the sorts of things we do in your first year of study.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Create your own Image classifier using Machine Learning & Python. Download link:

Computing Technologies

Welcome to an introduction to using the ARJS platform. ARJS stands for Augmented Reality (AR) in JavaScript (JS). It is a plugin-free web-based technology which enables you to use marker or markerless (such as a picture of some flowers) images to show a virtual object. 

Download here.

Games Art & Design

Create your own 3D world with Unity using the instructions here. This challenge will help you determine the core elements of a game level as well as introduce you to the Unity game engine. You will learn Unity’s interface and how to create 3D environments. Techniques for creating terrains and a first person camera will be explored.


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