Challenge Yourself

This page hosts a range of interactive challenges that will give you a taste of the sorts of things we do in your first year of study.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Create your own Image classifier using Machine Learning & Python. Download link:

Computing Technologies

Welcome to an introduction to using the ARJS platform. ARJS stands for Augmented Reality (AR) in JavaScript (JS). It is a plugin-free web-based technology which enables you to use marker or markerless (such as a picture of some flowers) images to show a virtual object. 

Download here.

Games Art & Design

Create your own 3D world with Unity using the instructions here. This challenge will help you determine the core elements of a game level as well as introduce you to the Unity game engine. You will learn Unity’s interface and how to create 3D environments. Techniques for creating terrains and a first person camera will be explored.


Computer Games Programming

Ready to create some exploding cubes in this shooting gallery game?! This challenge offers you an insight into using the Unity Game Engine combined with performing some scripting techniques, to produce interactive game content. You will learn Unity’s interface and how to manage Game Objects. Techniques for understanding how to script using C# will also be covered.

Download here.

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