TIGA Research Reveals UK Video Games Industry has Been Expanding at Fastest Rate Ever Recorded

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TIGA, the trade association representing the UK video games industry, released new research today which shows that the UK video games development sector not only grew to record levels in 2019-20, but did so at the fastest annualised rate since this research was first conducted in 2007/8. The UK’s games developer headcount grew to 16,836 by April 2020, representing an annualised growth rate of 12.2 per cent. However, many studios still struggle to scale up, access finance and skilled staff.  If the Government can address these challenges then the sector has the potential to grow even faster and support economic growth throughout the UK.

The findings come from TIGA’s definitive forthcoming annual report into the state and health of the UK video games industry Making Games in the UK Today (TIGA, 2020) which is based on an extensive survey of UK games businesses, with analysis by Games Investor Consulting.

TIGA’s research shows that in the period from November 2018 to April 2020:

  • the number of creative staff in studios surged by an annualised rate of 12.2 per cent from 14,353 to 16,836 full-time and full-time equivalent staff. This is the fastest rate that the UK industry has experienced since this research programme began in 2007/8;
  • the total games development workforce, including contractors, grew from 16,532 to 18,279, a record high;
  • the number of jobs indirectly supported by studios rose from 26,241 to 30,781;
  • the total studio population grew from 812 to 1,041;
  • combined direct and indirect tax revenues generated by the sector for the Treasury are estimated to have increased from £747 million to £907 million;
  • annual investment by studios rose from £818 million to £993 million; and
  • the game development sector’s annual contribution to UK Gross Domestic Product increased from £1.8 billion to £2.2 billion.

See more here: https://tiga.org/news/tiga-research-reveals-uk-video-games-industry-has-been-expanding-at-fastest-rate-ever-recorded

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