Graduate News

More 2017 graduate news, this time from Kuba Junek.


“As I was leaving the UK I was already applying for jobs back home which I found interesting. I was invited to two interviews and the second one was successful for me as I was hired as a production assistant at Czech public television in Prague (the equivalent of the BBC in the UK). My work is based mainly around organising documentary film shoots and post-production.
“In my free time, I intend to shoot a personal work based around the Czech Republic as my homeland. The idea came to me when I realised that after travelling in Europe and living in the UK for three years I know only two places here properly – my hometown in the south and Prague. These two areas are both frequently visited by tourists and that is what I would like to avoid. I want to force myself to go with my camera to cities and towns which are not in the tourist guides but equally important for an honest portrait of the country. I believe that this work will be relevant and actual since 2018 has a symbolic meaning for Czechs. The country declared independence hundred years ago after the First World War, the Munich agreement was signed eighty years ago and the Soviet’s army occupation started fifty years ago. It seems like a good time for creating a portrait of the country from my own perspective.”
“I hope everyone on the course is doing well and I wish you all the best of luck in 2018.”

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