The Photocopy Club Workshop comes to Cheltenham.

As part of The Cheltenham Festival Fortnight, Senior Lecturer Matthew Murray arranged for a day of zine making with The Photocopy Club. The day started with a talk from Matt Martin from The Photocopy Club about the history of zine making and how that relates to photographers working today and examples of publishers. The Photocopy Club brought in their zine archive for participants to look through. 

All participants shot work with either a camera or camera phone, they then worked through an edit to curate their own individual zine. The participants were then taught Japanese book binding.

The Photocopy Club is an open submission exhibition project which supports photographers and collectors through a series of Xerox exhibitions, workshops, talks and events.  Since starting in 2011 TPC have curated over 30 group and solo exhibitions within the UK and abroad.  TPC has exhibited at the LAABF and the NYABF as well as OFFPRINT London and the Berlin Miss Read Book fair.  We have worked with The Photographers Gallery, Magnum photos, Photoworks, Woohoo Space, Joberg Photo School, Adidas, UCA, John Doe, Margret, Dr Martens, Doomed Gallery and a verity of photography festivals throughout the world.

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