Graduate Feature on documentary photographer Scott Brindle.

Scott Brindle is a documentary photographer, since leaving the Editorial and Advertising Photography course he has been working on becoming a freelance Humanitarian photographer. Scott has worked for NGO’s of all calibers, on projects in Africa and Palestine. In this feature Scott discusses his experience as a student on the Editorial and Advertising Photography course and the varied projects he shoots.

When did you graduate? I graduated three years ago in 2016.

Why did you decide to come onto the course? I chose the course because I felt like the amount of opportunities that Ed & Ad provided was extremely high compared to other courses around the UK and in London. When I turned up to the open day I fell in love with the course, it gave me creative freedom but also provided structure and demanding tasks that would be very similar to what one would experience in the creative industry. 

What did you like about the course? What I liked about the course is that the lecturers taught us a lot but acted like work colleagues, you would have a mutual respect about one another and that made the dynamics within the class and out very easygoing. I also liked the fact that the course gave us so much opportunity to express and find out what we truly wanted to specialise in as a photographer. In the beginning of first year and half way through second year I wanted to become a fashion photographer, I then came to a realisation that my passion was actually documentary photography, after that I channeled my passion down the documentary rout and focused my portfolio, knowledge and experiences within that field of photography.

Has the course prepared you for working within the creative industries? It really has, whether it comes to writing professional emails, writing up invoices, calling a potential client and being a well rounded professional has helped me out a long way. Practicing time and time again has really helped me loose that fear when it comes to talking to someone that could potentially give me a job… Its all about confidence!! 

All Out Africa foundation

What have you been working on since you left University? For the past three years I have been working on becoming a freelance Humanitarian photographer, only the past six months I have been living around Africa working for NGO’s of all calibers creating them content to be used for fundraising, advertising, social media or creating an archival database for future referencing. This has been great for me as I get to explore the world, see and experience situations and places not many people get to have a chance to witness and get paid for it. 

Would you recommend the Editorial and Advertising Photography course and if so why? I would and I have. The course has helped me gain knowledge and understanding when it comes to the photographic industry, they have also helped me link up to photographers, editors and many more to help me get my foot into the door. 





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