2nd Year Gianluca Loffredo photographs ‘A Toxic Menu,’ a series of enviromental still lives in response to the Summer Brief.

For the Summer Brief I decided to approach my area of specialisation, still life and specifically for advertising product campaigns. After my research I began to produce a series of photographs focusing on pollution and, in a broader way, on toxicity.

Each image depicts specific themes that are of concern to the industrial world; from the usage of antibiotics in intensive livestock farming to the abuse of drugs often cut with toxic substances.

These images have been created with a variation of non-edible elements in places where they should not be found and combined with real food to elicit disgust in the viewer.

Through this project, I also wanted to focus on my ecological footprint by highlighting how the use of everyday food products can lead to the creation of plastic and food waste. The series also highlights our local waste collection services and how these centres can be used as a vehicle to reduce the impact of pollution.

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