First Year, Cenza Jacquest, talks about the three different briefs shot for the Introduction to Editorial & Advertising module.

‘The Virgin Suicides’ movie follows the chaotic lives of the teenage Lisbon sisters and their fight between the constraints of their faith and the temptation of high school life. With themes of death, sex, mystery and love, the film left great freedom for exploration. I wanted to portray the other-worldly feel of Sophia Coppola’s art direction and in doing so chose to create two notebook style campaign posters, one featuring a year book style image and the other, creating an angel like scene, foreshadowing the tragedy of the film. I enjoyed styling both looks into the 70s context of the film and experimenting with post-production for my final images. 

After conducting my 80s perfume research, I knew I wanted to achieve a ‘Studio 54’ inspired look, taking inspiration also from icons of the era. I chose to focus on colour use and composition here to compliment the perfume bottle, foregrounding its importance in the advertisement, while still staying true to the Calvin Klein brand overall. 

For my portrait brief, I wanted to capture a narrative important to me. Consequently, I chose to create an editorial reflecting upon my twin sister’s journey towards recovery. I sought to convey juxtaposing ideas between the highs and lows of this, asking her questions throughout to provide an accurate portrayal of her feelings. In the style of i-D magazine, my research helped me reflect on colour schemes fitting to the publication.

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