Senior Lecturer Matthew Murray’s, new landscape series, Arenig, designed and published by DesignBridge, Amsterdam, exhibited at Fox Talbot Museum and Elliotthalls Gallery, Amsterdam, 2020.

Arenig is the name of the mountain to the north-west of Lake Bala, North Wales. This location is where artist Matthew Murray has producing a series of landscapes in response to the work of painters J. D. Innes and Augustus John who produced work at Arenig between 1911 and 1914.

Murray’s approach is informed by theories around Psychogeography and a subjective representation of the landscape. Curator Roger Watson said of the work, ‘a series of dark mysterious landscapes that are cinematic, giving an emotional response as well as a sense of the solidity and earthbound sensation of the environment.’

This work is Arts Council of England funded, alongside the exhibtion he is working with artists, emerging practitioners and communities looking at how people emotionally connect and respond to the landscape. This way of working will inform the work, harness strong ideas, show the exploration of place and identity, topical observation and the transformative moments within the landscape.

Through research, collaboration, exhibition and publication, the intimate insight and obsessive study, will allow audiences to think about their own experience, memories and emotions when faced with landscape and nature.

The new work will feature an engagement programme including workshops, masterclasses and photo walks.

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