Second Year Gianluca Loffredo shoots a beautiful and creative series for the Visual Narrative Module

During this period of lockdown, isolation and social distancing it is inspiring to see how creative our students’ are. In this new blog post we showcase the work of second year Gianluca Loffredo. Gianluca was inspired by title of the namesake poem “Synchronized Drowning” from the book “Hard Water”, by Jean Sprackland.

The poem made me think about synchronized swimming and the concept of beauty out of shapes whilst also leading my brain to visualise some of lines of the poem as a metaphor for how nature is slowly drowning into pollution and absorbing its beauty.

My project is a series of staged still-life shots featuring flowers and plants photographed in the reflection on a baking tray lid, to create a water-effect texture. 

The result is a series of images that look like paintings. In a conceptual view, the beauty of the flowers is fading away, the plants are slowly drowning and are therefore visually suffocating. The series is a work in progress, but it has been made during this lockdown period using portable lighting equipment. These images demonstrate how is possible to make art and work from home.

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