Inspired by the current global situation, 1st Year, Jeanne Tizon shoots a beautiful, creative series of fashion still life work titled ‘Wear it the Pandemic Way.’

For the Personal Portfolio, I wanted to start exploring within my area of specialisation, Fashion and Still Life Photography. Being restricted to my home environment for this module, I couldn’t work with models, so I decided to focus on Still Life within the perimeter of Fashion.

I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, from the design to the craft, whether it is clothes or accessories. For this series, I wanted to add something which is relevant to the current global situation. Working part-time in a supermarket, during this pandemic, has enabled me to experience first-hand the effects of stock-pilling and the establishment of rations on certain items. In addition to this, I also looked into the way the fashion industry has responded to this crisis by producing PPE and sanitizing products. By putting these two aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I came up with Wear it The Pandemic Way.

With this series, I wanted to create a humorous and colourful body of work whilst highlighting the circumstances we are all facing.

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