1st year, Brandon Scrimshaw photographs a series of still life trainers, together with a target audience image for the Personal Portfolio module.

For my personal portfolio I’ve been looking into the different areas within my specialisation – Fashion Photography.

This series consists of 10 images designed to be used as double-page spread advertisements within fashion magazines.  Each pair of images surrounds a different pair of shoes, in both a still–life and Target Audience sense, and was influenced from different places to keep each idea fresh and independent, for example the Nike Flyknit shots take inspiration from 1980s Sports advertising campaigns and the Vans shots are informed by  research into the 1990s skater culture.

With different brands comes different approaches to advertising, Nike and Adidas usually taking the approach of cleaner minimal shots whereas Vans focuses on practicality and how the shoe’s condition becomes a story of how it has been used over time. Using my housemates as models during late night shoots and shooting my still life shots in the basement to control the lighting really tested me but I was motivated by the thought of making this pandemic a creative learning curve for myself.

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