3rd year, Charlotte Turton photographs a series of intriguing self-portraits in lockdown for her Major Photographic Project

Charlotte tells us about the concepts behind her colourful work and her love of set design:

“My aim was to document daily activities in lockdown, swapping one element for a piece of food in order to create something humorous that others could relate to in this difficult time. I have enjoyed styling these sets and creating scenarios with props I found around the house.”

“Set design has always interested me, by having the ability to tell a story with the surroundings, not just the subject. When I am drawing up a concept for each photo, I consider the subject as a character. What are they wearing? What are they like as a person? What are their characteristics? The set design helps to tell the characters’ story. “

‘You have been put on hold for the next hour’
© Charlotte Turton 2020

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