James Sullivan from the Black Dog Collective lectures at the University of Gloucestershire

3rd Year Students Create a New Online Photobook Platform

During Semester 1, 3rd year students are exploring online publishing and what it takes to meaningfully promote online content. Students have been learning about photobook publishing from the team at Mack Books and, this week, have professional appointments with Design Director James Sullivan and, renowned Creative Director and Picture Editor, Clive Crook (The Observer, ELLE Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine). Students are developing their individual photobooks and our new “Ed&Ad Photobook Platform” to publish and promote their work.

Self-publishing is fast becoming an integral part of working as a creative professional and learning how to publish and/or sell work online is a valuable commercial skill. An ability to understand and work with online platforms is now an increasingly desirable skillset, offering remote working opportunities and potential for businesses to build multiple revenue streams. 

Pictured below – Creative Director Clive Crook, during a professional feedback session about the importance of developing your own “visual handwriting” as a photographer.

Pictured below – Design Director James Sullivan, during a professional feedback sessions on typography and layout design.

Pictured below – the Mack Books team and our students during an online session about the photobook publishing environment and how to meaningfully reach an audience.

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