Second Year Cenza Jacquest shoots for the Non-Conformist and Zine brief during the Editorial Photography with Moving Image Module.

For my non-conformist brief, I wanted to try step away from simply stylising to a subculture and try cast an individual where I could highlight their own unique narrative and luckily, I was able to do so.

I was very excited about shooting this series with Leah who was the perfect person for the job! Leah and I collaboratively came together to create a wedding style scene as a celebration of herself and uniqueness. Leah’s sheer dedication when putting together her looks was incredible and it was a pleasure to shoot with someone so creative and inspiring.

For my zine project, I decided to try push myself and focus more so on a conceptual topic that I could fuel with my own experiences, that being teenage life. Portraying a range of narratives from the glamourisation of plastic surgery to the simple progression of identity, I made sure to cast and stylise in a way where the story of each double page could be easily read and engaged with.

Through my research into archived publications such as ‘Rookie Mag’ and other teenage multi-media representations, I decided the sincerest way of putting my zine together would be through physically making it as though a scrapbook and then scanning it in. This process was extremely testing at times but I am pleased with the overall outcome and the creative journey it has enabled me to take.

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