Second Year Luke Squelch discusses his recent work for the Editorial Photography with Moving Image module.

Utilising my previous skills learnt before University, I have recently decided to focus my specialisation more towards set design. After receiving the music artwork brief in the Editorial Photography with Moving Image module, I knew this was my first chance to begin my new venture. 

I designed an exact replicated two-way bathroom set whereby I could fantasise the mirror reflection by adding different models and props to either side of the set. I wanted to capture a still and a moving image piece for the release of the song ‘Somebody Else’ by The 1975. 

The narrative for my set was to show how different people react to a relationship breakup. Having the female side show that she has moved on, resulting in the room to be clean and bright. Whereas the male side would show a more depressive darker state, which would only be lit by the light flowing through the ‘mirror’. 

Moving Image for ‘Somebody Else’ by The 1975.

The inspiration for my set originated from a campsite toilet in Cornwall when I visited my parents on holiday back in September. The way the lighting fell onto a mirror sat above a vanity unit gave off a set-like appearance. I captured an image of the bathroom, jotted down the idea into my notes app and the idea snowballed from there. I designed, constructed, painted, propped and captured the idea over a 4-week period, mainly working after hours. I feel like this is project that I am happy present to industry professionals to hopefully aid me into getting work experience later on in the University year.

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