First year, Alex Mcdowell shoots the TV and Clothing brief for the Introduction to Editorial and Advertising Photography module.

For my first module, Introduction to Advertising and Editorial Photography, I was given a range of briefs; this is a mixture of work from two that I selected. First, was to shoot two images for social media to advertise a film, I focused on ‘This Is England’. Inspired by the work of Nick Knight, and his book ‘Skinhead’, I began to develop an idea – with the aim to achieve a raw outlook on the behaviour of skinheads. 

While working with Adam and James, I decided to spend time shooting some images to add to my personal work and help inform ideas within the brief; these two head shots truly encapsulate their personalities.

Next, was shooting portrait for a magazine – Glamour focus a large section of their attention towards empowering women, this was the main focus of my shoot. Guy Bourdin and Andy Warhol’s use of colour; mixed with the hair and make-up of Rebecca Doney played a huge part in my inspiration. 

Working with Anna was great; shooting with such a creative individual was motivating and stimulating; together we mixed bright and loud clothes with strong poses, to produce a set of images that overall, I am pleased with.

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