First year, Hannah Keeling shoots the Clothing brief for the Introduction to Editorial and Advertising module.

For this module I have created a Hunter Boots In-store advertisement for Mole Country stores. Within this brief I wanted to explore and take into consideration the style of imagery used within their existing advertisements. This led me to be inspired to take photographs of a subject that is a part of my family business back home, where Hunter Boots are well used within the industry/ environment and which support the variety of images captured for Hunter Boots and Mole Country stores existing advertisements and their target audience.

I especially like both companies target audience shots capturing action and the footwear being put to use and was inspired to create an image that would seamlessly fit into both companies’ advertisements. I felt that my style of photography was well suited to the advertisements being produced by Mole Country stores as well as Hunter Boots. As well as this I have also created another In-store advertisement as part of this brief and captured a studio shot of the Hunter boots on a Mamiya 645 camera which also supports the style of existing Hunter Boots advertisements.

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