First year, Jimmy Fletcher shoots Perfume and T-Mobile brief for the Introduction to Editorial and Advertising Photography module

1980’s Perfume/Aftershave Brief With the Pop Punk culture being a huge part of my life growing up in the 90’s and 80’s Punk being an inspiration for my style as a young adult, naturally the first thing that came to my mind when thinking of 80’s was Punk. After in-depth research into the origins and fashion of the 1980’s Punk Subculture I was ready to plan and capture this final image. To capture the D.I.Y aesthetic of the Punk Subculture in my final image I carried out the shoot using film, I set the still life scene up on a chest of drawers in my bedroom and used a very basic flashgun attached to the camera hot shoe. I also used items that I already owned and altered them myself for the shoot. To add even more to the D.I.Y feel of the image I put together the sloppily placed copy using a font inspired by punk fanzines created in the 80’s.

T-Mobile ‘Life’s for sharing’ I was instantly drawn to this brief as mobile communications are a huge part of life in my household, my wife’s parents live in the USA and the only way for us to share our lives with them is with the use of apps like Skype. After researching the ‘Life’s for sharing’ campaign by Saatchi and Saatchi, I found that the still images used are real people from real events that they had put together, such as the famous flash mob advertisement. I wanted to recreate the realness in my own way whilst adding a sense of family and fun into my image. To do this I spent a lot of time capturing candid images around my house and at events that I was shooting at the time. The final image is my Wife and I just having fun trying to create a Christmas greeting card to send to her parents over WhatsApp, so fit the brief perfectly.

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