Second year, Jeanne Tizon shoots a fashion inspired Zine for the Editorial with Moving Image module

Monochrome Zine

Having always been fascinated by colour theory, I knew I wanted to base my Zine around different hues and shades from the outset. Wanting to specialise in Fashion and Still Life photography, this was the perfect opportunity to shoot with models and explore fashion photography further.

My main inspiration, for this Zine, was monochromatic fashion trends; I spent a lot of time researching different trends around colours and accessories.

Styling has always been one of my passions, whether it is in fashion or still life, therefore I was able to pick out all of the garments for each outfit, carefully considering each colour tone and adding accessories too. This enabled me to work on my styling skills which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The aim of this Zine was to visually represent how different colours and different shades complement each other or contrast with one another.

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